Test Facilities


All Pumps and Motors are fully disassembled and cleaned in preparation for inspection.
In most cases all rotating group components are changed out as part of the rebuild, however we still carry out thorough inspection prior to submitting a Quote / Report. This enables us to provide our customers with detailed analysis of the condition of the unit.
All Quotes have detailed Reports and are backed up by photoghraphs of failed components as required
Pumps / Motors
Test Facilities

Micron Australia has designed, built and installed the most powerful and comprehensive test facility currently available in Australia. Because of it's unique re-generative design, we are able to test the largest piston pumps on the market at full flow and pressure. In fact, the installed power of the pump test rig exceeds that required to test the largest hydraulic piston pumps available. Both open and closed circuit pumps and motors can be tested with displacements ranging from 12cc/rev to I000cc/rev at pressures up to 450 bar.

The master control panel collates all the relevant test information via a data acquisition system. The computer system records 5 flows up to 1000 I/min, 8 pressures up to 450 bar, 9 temperatures up to 100 deg C, speeds up to 2000 rpm, as well as electronic control signals. This system enables us to provide our customers with hard copy test reports showing overall performance and pump settings.

Pump controls can be set to customer / OEM specifications no matter how complex, including: - Horsepower Control, Load Sensing, Pressure Compensated, Torque Control etc.

Valves / Cylinders
Test Facilities

Micron Australia has installed a test bech for testing Valves and Cylinders. The test bench has 2x Flow Readouts, 2x Pressure Readouts, Loading Valves and Pilot Pressures. Virtually any Valve or Cylinder can be tested.